Monday, February 1, 2010

You know how some days you wake up and everything seems to be going so smooth? You get out of the house early, arrive at work in plenty of time to get everything done. Go to the bank and make deposits. Get all the end of monthly figures and reports done. Go to the post office to mail special orders, still making good time. And then you hear an ominous pop and thus ends the smooth day.
So, it's barely 10:30 am and I've already pushed my car half a block and then walked 4 blocks to work, without a coat over ice covered streets. I made it back to work without any injury (Yay!!). I am praying that whatever is wrong with the vehicle is minor and fixed very inexpensively.
Back at work, and ipage isn't working so I can't do my special orders . The vacuum cleaner won't work so I couldn't use it and now the junk on the floor is mocking me.
So now I'm waiting expectantly for God to do something awesome. With all the attacks and the enemy trying to get me down, I know that God has a miraculous day in store for me. OK God show me Your glory and majesty!