To Do list

Thursday, January 5, 2012

So it's been a good long while since I blogged. I'd say it was all because I just hadn't found the time but truth be told for the most part I haven't had anything to say that I deemed worthy of a post. Sometimes when blogging I feel this pressure to be witty or wise or profound. And there are very few days when I feel that I am those things.
As you know the new year always brings resolution talk. And every year I make and break them or I steadfastly refuse to make them. This year I wasn't so sure. Sure I'd like to make positive changes in my life but I don't want to feel bad about myself if I can't make make them in the way I forecast making them via resolutions.
Today I decided to on a to-do list instead. This appeals to me on a few levels. For one I am a list maker at heart. And I love to-do lists. There is so much satisfaction in seeing things get marked off a list as accomplished. And what's more is a to-list about making things happen more than trying to change.
My to-do list is by no means finalized (mostly because I just thought of it today!). But so far the one thing that has been laid upon my heart is to make at least one encouraging comment everyday on facebook. This may sound trivial but if you've ever spent much time on facebook, you've probably noticed how negative it can be at times. Or maybe I just know a lot of negative people!?!
My other to-do is to blog at least once a week. And I've decided to let myself off the hook when it comes to posting something profound. I'll just resign myself to being myself and as myself I know I have days when I don't have anything exciting to say. But what I do have to say, I will say.
Be on the look out for me. And if you notice me not posting, call me on it. Sometimes I need some accountability :)