About Me

Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Jammie and I'd love your feedback on anything I've managed to convey through this blog. I'm not a "writer" but I love words and I love to use them.
I hope that as you read my posts you learn a little more about me and a lot more about the Holy One who has chosen me as His child. I want you to know how great His love is for you. Being secure in His love and in the shelter of His arms is the best thing to have ever happened to me!
I have a wonderful family...no natural children but three beautiful children of my heart who have grown to be fabulous adults. One of them has given me two of my most precious blessings in the form of precocious boys, Nolan and Nathan.
I am madly, deeply, passionately in love with a guy hand-picked for me by God. We have a love based on a mutual love for Christ and Godly principles. Together we make a good team for the Lord.
I love books. Although I enjoy reading, I seem to collect them faster than I can read them.  I recently purchased a Kindle and have become addicted to downloading free books so I won't lack for something to read for years to come :/
I enjoy taking pictures. There are several hundred of them on various memory cards and the computer. One day I plan to edit and print a great deal of them.
I also enjoy scrapbook paper and supplies. So far I haven't figured out what to do with it all but I have some really cool paper!
I took up sewing a couple years ago and made several hats, scarves and purses. Alas, it's been over a year since I've turned my sewing machine on.
I love to travel. Unfortunately time and responsibilities have limited how much of it I've been able to do so far. But I know that it is in my very near future!
As you can tell, I have several interests and stockpiles of material and unfinished projects. One day I will have time to put it all together and finish those projects.