In Awe

Friday, September 21, 2012

It is never a bad feeling to be in awe of the Almighty. I never tire of those moments when I behold what an awesome God I serve. I love that when I've just about gotten used to His enormous love for me, He pours out even more!
I've been in a bible study over the book of Proverbs for about a month now and oh my God is just so....well so God. He had already been revealing to me how I had been "fooled" by the interloper over the summer but with did I see how deep that deception went and how God outlined each step in His word. Not just how the interloper comes at you but also how to combat that.
One particularly profound moment happened in Proverbs 4. In that chapter God talks about how the wicked are constantly plotting evil and trying to lure us into it. And His advice? Don't even look in that direction! Don't get caught up in trying to persuade them away from evil UNLESS God directly instructs you to do so. Otherwise, we get sucked into the evil.
God is God and I'm so glad He is my everlasting, loving, constant Savior!